ʪy{   ݹ϶ Shopping Processes with images
1.Ϋ~Jʪ (z|AKO[J|)

bzuWqʵ{ǥHAt|۰ʸgѹqllHz@ʳqAOMquOqztwgzqʰTANwgΫwgߡAqOdO_^zqxvQCpGqT{L~BzҭqʤΫ~sfΩҭqʤAȤiѡBBLLLk^qxΡAq|^XfAtqAziHbW|MϬd߷QfʳfPXfpCY󦳻~BΫ~LsfBAȵLkѡBΦLk^qxΡAqoʎ^qʡC SzʶRΫ~YwLwsBLkqʡANhfzC
To provide convenient, nice and safe shopping environment, please following the five shopping processes:
1. Put items you want in the shopping bag (you should have the membership first. If you dont, you can sign up to be a member for free.)
2. Choose method of payment and shipping area.
3. Confirm your order and information of delivery.
4. Placed your order and finished the sopping processes.
  IO覡 About Payment

FzbFive Music ZO̔KASOӋRuʪIf覡G
TO make you more convenient for shopping on Five Music, there are several ways you can choose:

1.HΥd Credit Card (VISABMaster CardBJCB)
  FO@zHΥdƦwAĥ wsXljK޳NAzǰeƳgL[KBzAϱzibʪW󬰦wߡI(Hja϶^jf)

To protect your privacy, all information you input is encrypted by the secure server layer before it is sent to us.


zN|oMݵ[fb(Mۭqxxϥ),x_IȦ (NX012)
       bW: jڰۤѥq
       b: 31534591 
ُDݥ[lNO,`B 1000HU15 1000HW20CON[qxW,ُDШ̭qx`BӋr̾





5.Wί¨fPfIf (ȭxWq)

WΨf:qʤΫ~NWΪy茹B,eFzwKQΩ,茯eF3-5Ѥu@ɶ,бz@RݡAfIfA~eFC餺AYHܶWΠZAWαNzhfAN|AfIfAȡAаȥɶhZIfC OondUTʹqܡAέqʪΫ~ewWήɡAWγqt|o̔TqzhZC

  BOp覡 Shipping Rates & Options


To provide good service for you and make sure the orders will be delivered soon and without any problems, Five Music use Express Service on shore of Taiwan and use post-office parcel or the other way off shore of Taiwan.

What are the Shipping Rates?

1.xWq HvtֻHe NT$80(Zʺ1000AߧYɦʪKBO)

2.jf  KBO

3.WΨf(aBܺIBOK)  xWqCO1000KBO(tN[ʹBO60)C

4.}BB}BqB  Hl]qHe NT$80(O1000KBO)

5.~䥦a(~) Areas outside Taiwan (foreign countries)   

  lp](HUlOtBzO) (žRۤ1ݦA[200C[1[100)
  Ĥ@ Ȭwa NT$180(j..饻.s[Y.}Ӧ)
ڬDM䥦 NT$230   

  ĤG ȬwaϨC[@ [NT$80 ȬwH~C[@[NT$100
Registered (include Handling Charge)
The first one:
Asia area: NT$180(China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia).
Other countries: NT$230
More than one: Asia area: every more one piece cost NT$80. Other countries: NT$100

  Ĥ@ Ȭwa NT$630(j..饻.s[Y.}Ӧ)
ڬDM䥦 NT$880   

  ĤG ȬwaϨC[@ [NT$80 ȬwH~C[@[NT$100
Registered (include Handling Charge)
The first one:
Asia area: NT$630(China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia).
Other countries: NT$800
More than one: Asia area: every more one piece cost NT$80. Other countries: NT$100

  HeA Delivery Service

bFive MusicʪAf~Ѷ¿ߦvtqtezW,(~qP~b)ATOzබQΫ~AHPa}ЌNgT{AקK򥢡Cf~qʫ~NBεoѱzdC

Your orders will be delivered by the courier after you shop on Five Music (not contain the areas outside Taiwan). To ensure delivery service, please make sure the addressee and shipping address you write are correct. We have the following information ready for you in the package: Order number and receipt.

Ϋ~HXɶ The shipping date
qxݦf@~y{,Yzqx?OFive Music Z{fwsAڭ̦bΫ~QNzHXCYzqxݭnճfΫ~Ah|ݭnfu@ѡA YɤLkzջҦΫ~Aڭ̷|emailPzsCwʉΫ~̵oHX,KΫݦh, ijxۤUx.HQKXfy{ApP䥦CD,NPwCDoPɱHX, teXC

If we have your order in stock, it leaves our warehouse in three business days and we estimate that order will be delivered within two to three days from the shipping date (on shore of Taiwan) or three to five days (off shore of Taiwan). It takes more days if your order is need to be restocked. If the items are no longer available, we will inform you by email. Pre-order will be delivered on the released day. If the cost of your pre-order item(s) is combine with the shipping fee with other CD, they will be delivered together on the released day.


ʪteP¿ߦvtX@, qʪΫ~pf,SHXi. pha,NiѪu@,zwɶѦvt@~,ѩteqD,vtN|ɶqtXɬqeF.



WΨf (ѥ~mqWΨfA)

¨f: zUx\PwIO,WΥux¨fAFקKHh~fPQLH~ZAҥHݭndHơC dƻݭnOHaۤҥAҥWmWPfWHۦPC HfɡAuݧiDuڭnZ KQt ]qvçibWgHmWYiCgfHñWYiZALݻ\ءC

fIf: WΪȱNΫ~Od7ѡA7ѫN|Odðh^(`NGYOAN|LkϥζWΪIfA)аȥɶhZIfC Y¨fA~h^y߫᭫HݦAIBOCɱHO80(Hvt覡HXѩzqʪΫ~ݗf󪫬y茯AO茥XzwWΪݨ, bzUx,p]ӤH]ݨqx,нЩ24p(WZ)ӹqq,HKqxBz@~AWΨfIf,pݨqxЩSѩάOWZW12ɫeӹqq

WΨfG+e+@=90cmHUya / OK / ܺIzqxʪpWXnڥqN۰ʨqxHXCqʪΫ~pذeN,tN|}ť[ʮN,ѩMWΦؤoݥt~H,bWΨtqzwfIf,NtBO90,WΨfIfPwIf¨f,[ʮN,NN|覡,HfHX [ʮṈNbf,tlHX, TOzබQ[ʪN,HPa}PlϸЌNgT{ [ʮNOBeL{.ClaNl,Ϋ~ذeND~,@@ذe,eL{pJWl,LkPh

~HeAȮɶ Delivery times of shipping to other countries
     Delivery times are different cause the areas

*~qxΫ~]qϥΤضlFHX,@p]PEMS,jaϱNhRlH覡,Nl~OBe覡Bz, ]eL{LkTO]UWQӷlA ]qbBeylLqvC pnD]U̽ЦҶqO_ʪ!!

We will use Post-office air freight to deliverer to foreign countries. We cant guarantee the items wont be damaged and we are not responsible for the defective items.



If the merchandise you order has a poster as gift, we will send the folding poster with the album to you, since you don't order the poster tube. Please make sure that you do plus order the poster tube if there is a poster as gift for merchandise to keep the poster away from damage.

*wʻPqʶifΫ~A]ɶWLkT{}fdq}ɶA ΫݡALku@ѮɶIQfHXA ifΫ~gѰ~NʸgzHNq, qxpwqʬy{@~,^qx.

Due to the cost of customs inspection, whether pre-order or order import commodity must have spent much more time for waiting, so it wouldn't be delivering on time. If the order's confirmed, it can not be cancled, unless the official claims.

~PjfϥΤضlFl覡HXbzqʪfHX,l^xګ, |Nl}xډKJMqx(lHX)


   lFty(ЉKJ^r E }Yڧֱls@13X)
(ЉKJ^r R L }YڶlP⩤ep]s@13X)

qxp]ӤHݨDqx,Щ󧹦qx24pɤ,MAILάOWZɶӹqq,qxHΥdNHuWh@~, w{茤JNsJOd,ݤUʪtN۰ʦ?C {茤Jqxp]ӤHݨD,ݿzhf,ЧiȦNPbAhfɻݦO,ݥѫȤۦl,KBШ!ifΫ~PqwʉΫ~qxSMxAqxᮤ^C

Once you finished the order, in case you'd like to cancel the order for personal, please contact us through the phone during work time or e-mail us in 24 hours. Payment by credit cards, we will not apply you for the payment. And for the cash, we will turn the payment into e-shopping cash of our system, you could use it the next time you chase other items. If you'd like to turn the payment to your own bank account, please tell us your bank account number. Most importantly, if you choose refund the payment, we will charge you the transfer fees. Sorry the inconvenience caused, your patience is very much appreciated.

  f  Exchange



бz󦬨Ϋ~@PANˬdΫ~AFive Music ZP⪺ҦΫ~ѫ~OҡAYz쪺Ϋ~岫ηlaλe~]VyΫ~lεozfɡAФũʨåBOΫ~]UA̤UCfǫhzG

Please check the items you order in on week after you take it. Five Music has Quality Assurance, so if you want to return or exchange the item(s) you order cause its defective or damaged when delivering, please dont open it and everything must be in their original packaging. Then following the tips:

1. vΫ~ݴz]vΫ~A岫ί}l~A^hfBfBhfBzCY岫ηlaݭnhfAХHEmailΨӹq Five Music ZȪAAçi~Dη岫ҦbCYݭӤHϥάO_XABND[dAѰhC

Video and music items are under Intellectual Property law, so they can only returns or exchange when defected. If you need to returns or exchange service, send the email or call Five Music consumer service and tell them what defect is. We wont return or exchange the item(s) for you if its about your personal reason.

2. ꤺ(tmq)Ϋ~p岫DХPȪAsAȪAT{NsvtӦ^BzC~aςfɽбN짹nΫ~Ψ䤺~]U(Xfx)@֥HlH]qH^ Five Music ZAæb]qWqfHmWABOdxڥHQdߡCg Five Music ZˬdT{~L~AYizfC

When return or exchange the item(s), make sure everything is in their original packaging(packing list and receipt). Send everything by post-office registered to Five Music and write your name on it. You can check the registered number if you need. After we make sure everything is correct, we will return it.

3.~ȤqxΫ~岫H^fAzNHuBOvNHbʪBh^zANJzbFive MusicZ|b(W٬eOdBP{)AbzUʪɱN|q̭?AYOzƱ檽^hfEmailΨӹqȪAHڭ̱N|zBzC

Shipping costs of refunds for defective items will be made in Five Music Credit. We will put it in your account of Five Music (its named Five Music Credit and we regard as money) and itll be billed first when you shop on Five Music next time. If you want us refund the money, please send the email or call the customer service.
qʫեNjqh/fA]wy Five Music Z@~WxZPl`AFive Music ZipĨʎΥä[|zC

If you returns/ exchange a large number of items arbitrarily and make Five Musics business damages, we reserves the right to reject bargain with you or cancelled your membership.

PS:~aϭY]Ϋ~岫zfAбzӹqqxd 886-6-2282886 E 258Bζǯu 886-6-2285023A䥦D茤E9 ڭ̱NLtzBzC

Ps: If you are in foreigner countries, please send the email or call the customer service first: 886-6-2282886 # 258BFAX: 886-6-2285023, we will deal with it as soon as possible.
U곣if}|WwBSfFifɡBMif|̳fRλȦӮ֭qif}|CӉΫ~HXO_|Q}|BPϥαHe覡L}(ŧֻqΤ@ŶlHKγi|Q)C fiJ즬fx|B|vھڤPaMΫ~RӦҤPCUȦۤvI}|BЦVҦb}dߡC}|O̾Uȩ~akߡBWwΡBݥI|C UȦqúǶif}|Bݭnú}|ӥIyLkҭqʪΫ~ɡBЮqtvdCtYqʉΫ~DSa}ζlE}h^qɡB q|hRUȭqʉΫ~`BhfڹBO᪺B,|MϫOd,OdiUʪsx̨t۰ʦ?C Ϋ~]q}X{DΦ]q}yeɶ~ɡBqӾdC]Ua걡kWPBqtΫ~DSa}x즩ddC
  䥦D Others

Yz}Ϋ~ʪðݥi^ܺ: 3dƷΤWZɶӹqqxd TEL: ꤺ06-2282886~886-6-2282886NMzBAȡC (WZɶ g@g 10:00 17:30 )

If you have any questions about shopping on Five Music, call the customer service in business hours. TEL: Domestic 06-2282886 Foreign: 886-6-2282886 (Business hours: Mon to Fri 10:00~17:30)